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Graham Larkbey
and the 
Escape Committee

East London's Finest Pub Rock Band

Graham Larkbey and The Escape Committee


In 1981 Graham L was living in Swansea, whose High Street (and continuation into Wind Street) then contained an impressive number of pubs.  GL decided this merited celebrating in song - the result was "The High Street Run (Gotta Pull Myself Together)" based on the Nolans' hit of the time (with a bit of the Dooleys tacked onto the end for good measure).  


Since its release the track has acquired the status of an historical document, as nearly all the establishments mentioned have been renamed, revamped out of all recognition or closed altogether. In recognition of this fact, and to mark the 40th anniversary of its original vinyl issue, GL has decided to re-release it HERE free of charge, along with one of the B-side tracks celebrating Ystalyfera, a small town at the top of the Swansea Valley notable for its precipitation. Both tracks were recorded live at Swansea Folk Club - itself long gone but fondly remembered by many. Enjoy!

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