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Graham Larkbey and The Escape Committee


So, who are we? Well we've been playing separately for years before coming together with a common liking for playing live. We've had a few line up changes since we started in late 2007, but we've kept on going! Those who've caught our live act have realised that good live music is still available to those that know where to find it. The computer-driven over-processed pop charts haven't take over yet...and if we get our way they won't ever! 

Our influences are drawn from early Faces, Stones, Byrds, pub rock, punk spirit, beer from the tap, football from the terraces, rusty Marshall amps, valves rather than transistors, Messrs Fender and Gibson, Pearl Export and Zyljian, never having enough pedals, John Peel and Five Live, catching the bus home after the gig, plastic bags as flight cases, getting all the kit into the taxi for the way home, Brick Lane bagels at 2am, last orders and lock ins, the Big Band that fits in your pocket, "near enough" tuning up, taking requests from the crowd, getting people up on stage, getting down into the audience, never having a long enough guitar lead, did I mention beer?... 

We play a random assortment of gigs around London and the South East. Details are posted here as we get them, so pop back now and then to check how we're doing... 

Current Lineup
Graham Larkbey - Vocals and Guitar
Steve Botcher - backing vocals and lead guitar
Brad Wray - backing vocals and bass guitar

Chris D'Souza - Drums


History and Various Line Ups....


There's been a number of line-up changes over the years. Some have lasted a few gigs, some for the odd recording session, but there's been a consistent core sound that's developed. Graham Larkbey was already well known on the folk and acoustic circuit when someone wondered what his songs would sound like with a band behind him. It had been a few years since Graham had played with a band (he'd released a few singles back in the early 80s). But in that way, The Escape Committee was formed.


The original lineup that started the band was:
Graham Larkbey - Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Steve Botcher - Lead Guitar
Jeremy Fellman - Bass Guitar
Mike The Dog - Drums

This line up lasted almost a year, when Jerry left to be replaced by Chris D'Souza, originally on bass guitar. Another change was when Mike The Dog left, when Chris switched to drums and Jerry re-joined. gets very confusing...

Jerry left to be replaced by Graham Bell, Jerry re-joined, Jerry left, Dan Wilkinson, Louis Lincoln Botcher and others played bass for the band for some gigs and recordings, but in 2013 we were joined by Brad Wray.

Hopefully we'll stick together for some time yet!



"Take It As Read", Featured on What's Cookin' Volume 4. More details on the Stove Pony website


"Opening Time" EP, featuring 5 tracks
1. Let Me In
2. Won't Wait Forever
3. Take It As Read

4. Last Train Home
5. Deja Vu



Not Dead Yet EP, featuring 5 tracks.

1. Not Dead Yet!

2. Break it to me gently

3. (you) can't keep a good love down

4. Honest I do

5. Dark end of the street

Hopefully more to come...

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