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Videos and online recordings


The band in action; during rehearsal, studio time and early acoustic versions.

Take It As Read

As featured on What's Cookin' CD4, this is a video from Brian Molloy.

Deja Vu

Brian Molloy produced this video from footage shot during the recording of Deja Vu in Hackney Road Studios.

Not Dead Yet!

An acoustic version recorded in The Committee Rooms, East London.

Dick Dyche Tribute

Graham Larkbey delivers a touching acappella tribute to Rose and Crown regular the late Dick Dyche RIP

Stuck in Indianapolis

Shot live at Bluepeace festival in 2013, this Bottle Rockets cover is a favourite of the band.

Up against the wall

The Tom Robinson Band track given the EC treatment.

Live and other recordings

New 2014 Escape Committee EP Sampler

Hear some sample extracts from the Escape Committee EP

The Day We Kicked The Facists Out Of Walthamstow

As part of a Double 'B' side with Steve White and The Protest Family.
More details available here.

Let Me In

A live recording of Let Me In. Played in a pub in East London most likely....!

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